Hello! My name is Nathaniel Norton.

My name, when translated, means (Nathaniel) ‘A gift from God’ (Norton) ‘North’. I try to live out that name as being who I am. I grew up in Minnesota (which usually takes care of the north part). The rest… Well, I try to find my identity in the God who loves me, and hopefully that spills out.

Currently I work as an actor for Theater for the Thirsty, a worship leader for Common Ground Chapel at the Bar None Treatment Center for youth, and as an evening custodian at Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church.

I also am working at creating web, video, and stage media for churches and other ministries. If you are interested in this, please visit my other site: Media-Handyman.com

For other booking info see the bottom of this post.

I’ve grown up a PK (pastor’s kid), and in the past several years I’ve had to take a very hard look at what I believe. I consider Jesus my Lord and his Father to be mine. I believe we should love God with everything we got, our neighbors as ourselves, and our enemies. Beyond this?… umm…. Fortunately, God graced me with the realization that He meets everyone where they are at. This includes me. And really, that is becoming a core part of my theology.

Interested in having me perform, lead workshops, or speak in your community? Please contact me. I’ll try to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.