Month: September 2011

My Frustrating Brain

My tinker isn’t tinking. My ticker doesn’t tick. My syncer isn’t syncing. My linker must be sick. My body isn’t moving. A synapse must be fried. My hard drive fragments render. My processor has died. My...

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StarDATE 65186

Stardate 65186 She said that during a scary movie, she grabs whoever’s there. But if SHE were grabbing ME, she’d see I really care. I wouldn’t be hard like jocks with muscles Who make there moves, and always...

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The church was black and musty

The church was black and musty. The stones, hard and cold. They whispered to each other of the woman in their hold. The girl was bright and beautiful. Her skin, it had a glow. And though the darkness beat and bruised, Her beauty...

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