Ha HA! I know I haven’t written in a while… and if you’re expecting this to rhyme you’re going to be disappointed. But I thought I’d share something exciting! I just did my first one man show! I wrote, produced, and performed a play going from the first verse of the Bible to the last in about 40 minutes. I performed it twice at a church up in St. Francis, MN. I wish I had pictures or video to show you, but it’s hard to perform and take pictures of yourself. I plan to perform it this Sunday night in the same town. If you are interested in seeing it then contact me, and I’ll try to get you the details. Otherwise, I will probably be tucking the show away for a bit. Christmas is coming.

That’s right, Christmas is coming. In the next bit here I’m going to be shifting gears to promoting and producing Christmas Program 2011. It follows two socially awkward computer programmers when a new (not socially awkward) girl moves in next door. (Yes, the set up may sound a bit similar to a tv show you’ve seen about physicists. Don’t worry. If you like that you’ll really enjoy this.) We also have a few surprises up our sleeves. I look forward to showing it. I’ll post more about the when, where, and how a little later. (Unfortunately, this has been cancelled.)

Unfortunately, all this also means the rhymes may not come as often… Not that that’s heartbreaking to anyone, but they are fun for me. Maybe I’ll post some old ones if I don’t have time. We’ll see. Well, that’s all for now. (I will post one I wrote this week in the next day or two.)


PS. This Saturday I’m performing My Name is Daniel… with Theater for the Thirsty at Bethel University. Visit Bethel’s website for tickets.