There’s something in the air.
Can you feel it?
Like waves beating on planner’s stones,
Wind chipping off what’s dry,
Water touching, stirring groans,
Reaching the spoiled e’en deep inside.

Do you feel it in the air?
Somethings coming
Like a fire at midnight,
a warmth in the seas,
A terror and gentle,
There’s something in the breeze.

There’s something brewing in the starlight.
The clouds are grey but it won’t be long.
Like dogs that growl before they bite,
The clouds will break and storm will come.

Firey leafs consume like autumn,
Bleeding as they blow away.
Like snowflakes steaming on the skillet,
It’s coming soon if not today.

There’s something in the air.
I can feel it too.
Tell me what it means to me.
I’ll try the same for you.

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