This is pretty old, but I still think it’s a good one.

Of Clouds and Angels

What if clouds were angels?
Angels in white dresses.
Dresses in a ballroom.
They’d float and dance,
With slow advance,
In the big blue ballroom.
A dance of stillness and of love,
In the ballroom high above.
As if the clouds were angels.
What if dresses got dirty?
Dirty dresses turn grey.
Grey dresses won’t do.
So they must be washed.
Pittle pat, pittle-pittle-pittle pat,
They must be slished and they must be sloshed.
Pittle pattle pittle pat
The water drips off the dirty dresses
(Pud Pud Pud Pud Pud)
Making children laugh and sing
{    pach ch ch ch tch }
Bare feet dance on the laundry room floor
[pchoo pchoo       pchoosh ]
[chsh        ts ts ts ts ts ts ]
As water is rung from all the dirty dresses

<              Blupe     Blupe    Blupe>
And now the dresses are clean
What if angels took swords to dance
Dance and clash and strike
Strike and hold, glory showed
For God and man a like?
Clashing swords spark webs of light
Growing, flashing, cracking with a grone
This dangerous dance of leaps and spins
A dance of stillness and of love,
The life and death and beauty of angels
Then with a rumble and a whisper
A canon and a hush
The angels dance slows down
As partners release their touch