Jesus healed the sick. You vote to make their healthcare inaccessible.

Jesus made the lame walk. Your representatives call that a pre-existing condition.

Jesus touched leprosy. You don’t want your money touching your neighbor’s kids?

Jesus drove out the money changers. Your president is building them larger tables.

Jesus associated himself with the poor, the hungry, the naked, and the prisoners. He said, What you do to the least of these, you do to me.

You… Do you serve them? I don’t understand how making healthcare inaccessible, refusing refugees, building a wall, destroying the environment, or any of the other agenda items I hear from you are anything like serving Jesus.

Now, don’t hide behind, “It’s not the government’s place.” That’d be true if we didn’t live in a country founded on a representative government. The government represents us. What it does is us, as a community, doing. Should we, as a community, take care of each other? Yes. Duh.

And stop pretending it’s unfair for the rich to pay a greater portion. Who makes more profit because of a healthy society with a healthy infrastructure and a healthy citizenry? The honest wealthy. (The dishonest wealthy may profit off the sick, but that’s unjust by definition.) So who should pay more for a healthy societies upkeep and growth?

I grew up a conservative evangelical. I understand the arguments. In church and youth group and events, teachers would ask, “What god will you serve?” We all knew they wanted the answer Jesus, and we all eventually knew the ideologies our teachers assumed went along with it.

Now, I am embarrassed by my background and feel betrayed by my teachers and my tribe. We were baptized together saying we would serve Jesus… but now… What god do you serve?