I met a girl
and she’s sweet
and we danced
and my feet
were all tripping
and wrong
But I can’t
stop the beat
of my heart
not a song
but the start
of a spasm
of muscle
repeat & repeat
to a chasm
of doubt
and of fear
and of memories
repeating out
get it out
I’m sorry.

I’m not that into her,
I think,
But ghosts of feelings stir
and wink.
My mind breaks on the berg
now sink
and find the lost heart


in the drink
there are ghosts
in the ships
and the hosts
know the most
until some-
body slips
and the ropes
must be thrown
there’s no time
to explain
though the rhyme
could be plain
and the feelings
the same
but now we
we must fain
’cause the ropes
get all crossed
and the ghosts
stay the same
so why risk
a new ghost
in the hope
to court rain.

There should be something more,
you know?
then feelings marooned
long ago.
I through a bad compass out
“tally ho”
But on these cloudy days
I don’t…