I had a button once,
Or rather, a button had me.
It’s threads were sewn upon my coat-
Cute button as button can be.
I hardly knew how these threads grew
Through my shirt, then my skin, then my bone.
It’d sewn itself within my heart
Deeper than I can atone.
Then for a while I paid no heed.
I let a few threads fray.
Then the button snapped a few,
And it dangled in its way.
I desperately tried to sew it back,
At least back to my coat,
But my hands were numb. It couldn’t be done.
So we remained remote.
The rest of the string snapped back swirling
With button’s final depart.
Now a ball full of thread that’s made out of lead
is hanging from my heart.

When I see a pretty button now
I’m scared to try it on
‘Cause buttons threads, when they grow,
Will stay when buttons have gone.