This was the beginning post in a series of posts I originally posted at Unfortunately, that site was hacked. When that happened I decided to change what that site was for (for better or worse). I’m moving all those posts here. Sorry if I break a few links.

If the high school version of me looked at me now, he would think I lost my way. So, I won’t be surprised if you do too. I’m about to write some things that you might think unorthodox, heretical, or even anti-Christian. This wouldn’t be that big a deal, except I’ve grown up in evangelical Christian culture. Most of my friends are still in that mindset and culture. …but I often feel alone.

When you’re shaken to your core, how do you explain that to someone that you know won’t understand. When you’re “worldview” changes and gets incredibly bigger and smaller at the same time, what do you say? When words like Christianity, religion, worship, God and so many others seem to mean totally different things between you and everyone else, where do you start? Some friends say they’re willing to talk, but really they just want to correct. Others really are willing to talk, and I’m very grateful for them. Unfortunately, communicating even with them is difficult.

I still have hope. One might even say I have hope “in Jesus.” I don’t think I’ve lost faith… at least not completely. Though others might say so. Those who’ve helped salvage my hope include the likes of Rob Bell, Greg Boyd, and many others. Without the podcasts they put out, I may have lost all hope long ago. But because of them and others like Micah Murray, I’ve pushed on and found out a few things. The main thing I’ve found is: This ___ that exists and we call “God” is so much greater and more beautiful than anything described. Second, I found what separates us from this ____ is so much more sinister and accepted and incorporated into our daily lives and churches than I would ever have thought.

I wrote this play a god in love last year trying to explore and express the new understanding I’ve been coming to about the Bible, Christianity, and Life. The play goes from Genesis to Revelation in an hour. It’s trying to cover a lot, and I want to go a little deeper. So along with continuing to write plays, I’m starting this blog. In it we’ll take a look at the story of a god in love as found in scripture. We’ll compare it to some of the common interpretations of today, and we’ll look at why the differences matter.

As I said at the beginning, some of what’s written might bring strong emotions to the surface. Thank you for your patience with me.

Grace and Peace.