So I woke up from a nap today and really liked this idea. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it… but for now, enjoy!

My Girlfriend Sleep

I have a girlfriend, her name is sleep,
And boy can that girl nag.
If we don’t have time enough
she turns into a hag.
She’s always so demanding
Morning after morn,
And if she don’t get what she wants
The whole world is forlorn.

I tell her my dreams when night is young.
She tells me hers as it ends.
She won’t get close til mine are done,
And hers don’t make any sense.

If I screw up her schedule then lay down,
She refuses to come to bed.
Next day she’ll still be angry,
and I’ll wish that I was dead.

But I lose myself in her sometimes,
an intimate serene,
And when my life is hard,
On her I often lean.
Cuddling up she acts so sweet.
I just can’t walk away.
We’re meant to be together
Forever and a day.